You may have heard about him from an article in Time magazine. Perhaps you have heard about the movement.

I consider this a really important point for full-timers in an RV. It is probably especially on your mind if you, like us, are just getting ready to drive off into the sunset.

And after reading the posts on the Facebook fan page of the guy I’m getting ready to tell you about, I think it is easier to do if you actually have a definite reason for doing it, such as moving or graduating from college or transitioning to a smaller living space like RVers.

I am very proud of the young people in this country who hear and see firsthand what living on credit can do to you. People homeless or going into foreclosure. Billions of dollars in real estate 2nd mortgages in default, with no hope of ever collecting. Then taxpayers foot the bill.

There are quite a few different branch-offs of this grassroots movement. Some are doing it slowly, such as getting rid of 5 pieces of stuff everyday until they own 100 items. Some are in a contest to see how low below 100 they can get. I keep thinking about Steve Martin in the movie “The Jerk” when he was just happy to have his thermos.

While reading a book on full-timing, the author talked about maintaining a small storage unit. When she buys something on the road, it goes into the storage unit. While that seems like a great choice, this woman has been full-timing it for over 12 years. Can you imagine how much stuff is in there? Then what do you when you decide to settle down somewhere? Put a bunch of old junk in your house?

Tell me, could you knock it down to 100 things (not counting your RV) ?

Here’s the guy who started it all: (yay for you, Dave!)

Here is a fantastic article from the NY Times that explains it in detail and how the end result is to get people out of debt in a very short time. It seems that when you stop concentrating on things, it starts your life over.

Here’s another article about it:,9171,1812048,00.html

You can also follow Dave on Facebook here:

You can see a great example of someone who is really committed to it here:

Here’s a great post about wastefulness:

I was feeling a little depressed today (we’ve had 4 months of constant overcast skies and rain, and it is driving me cuckoo). I have absolutely NOTHING TO WHINE ABOUT after watching this beautiful video: