Who We Are

We are two middle-aged computer engineers who ran away to Alaska to escape layoffs and a life that just didn’t seem to have any meaning. We stayed for 8 years, and we were ready to come back to the Lower 48. When Dan got sick and decided to retire, we had owned a motorhome we really loved for about 3 years at that time. We started hearing about this “fulltimers” thing, and the rest is history. We actually started this blog before we started fulltiming. The story just before we made our decision gives the rest of it true meaning, so we told it.

Lynne and her little chihuahua Hopie (Hope)

Dan and Hope the chihuahua. She is only a few months old, so she is in training for our fulltime RV adventures. She is still trying to get used to the sound of the rushing wind coming through the windows of our trucks.

Buckie the Pug, our Travel Agent
He has starred in a lot of our films about Alaska here:

Katrina the traveler. She was the ultimate RVing doggie. She especially loved the Hog.
She was with us for 18 long years and finally passed away this past February, the day before Valentine’s Day.

Our first love, our Leprechaun. We upgraded later to a Pathfinder, the “Hog”

Sissie the Doxie. We like to call her the dog with the pogo stick up her butt because she loves to hop

Harriet the Hedgehog also loved to go camping. She lived an extremely long life for a hedgehog.

Lynne and Trina in Alaska (Homer)

The “Keets” (our parakeets LOVE to go camping, too!)

The Hog, or as I like to call it:  “The Supernatural Black Hole”
(named after a song from the Twilight Soundtrack because everytime we take off in her, we feel like we’ve gone into a black hole – the world just seems to disappear, and it is just us)


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