After living in Alaska for the past 9 years, I understand fully what the lack of sun does to me. I am sure it would do the same to other people. I’ve been thinking it over a lot the past week because after a summer that had 4 months of almost complete rain everyday, I am feeling grateful for the sun we’ve gotten lately.

This time of year normally is really rainy and depressing, but the past week (and this week coming up) has been nothing but sun and 60s. Guess we got a gift just before we get dumped on with our usual 70+ inches of snow.

I’ve tried the S.A.D. lamp, and I’ve tried Vitamin D supplements. The supplements gave me severe stomach aches, and the lamps are something you have to be consistent with. And the light has to go into your eyes, at least indirectly. So you have to sit and read and have your eyes at least facing the lamp.

Now when we have days like we have had recently, I just go driving. Everywhere. Doesn’t matter where. With no sunglasses and the sunroof open.

What does it feel like when you’re Vitamin D deprived? You feel like you want to sleep all the time, and you feel disoriented and cranky about every little thing.

So, if you’re feeling like you’ve been indoors too much lately – go! Drive, hike, camp. Take care of your body. It needs Vitamin D, and it needs a lot of it to store up in your tissues. This gets you through the winter.

We took the drives this weekend, and here’s what we saw.

Cute Mailboxes with Fall Foliage

Hiland Road's foliage is always ahead of ours because of its altitude

This mountain probably never lost its snow

(Note: click on panoramas to see full size)

Fireweed in its last days panorama

Hiland Road Eagle River Alaska panorama

Have never gotten this close to a porcupine to take a pic. This baby was so cute! He kept turning his back to me

Here’s a short film we did with information about S.A.D: