I’ve been making a detailed Bucket List for our full-timing adventures, and there are two places on that list I must see. I thought about this a lot today while thinking of those who died in the September 11th tragedy. It reminded me of another tragedy on a Spring day in 1995 that I was so close to.

Having been a mile away from the Oklahoma City Bombing and then emotionally devastated by the 9/11 bombings like all other Americans, I wanted to post this as a dedication.
It is a commercial that Budweiser aired only once as a dedication to the people who died September 11, 2001.

Someday on our trip around the U.S. we will visit Ground Zero and put a white rose there. and the Oklahoma City Memorial at night. God Bless.

Here is my collection of 9/11 and Oklahoma City Bombing mementos, carefully saved on my hard drive all these years:

Oklahoma City Memorial

The Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial is one place on our full-timing adventure that I must also see. I’ve never been back there since I took pictures right after the devastation. They have built it into a beautiful museum and have developed a “Lessons Learned” part to their website that is intended to help those who have experienced tragedy. You can find the website here: