I’ve been hearing a lot about people buying an RV one week and then setting out on their RV full-timing trip the next week. Now, this is just my opinion, but this might just be the worst idea ever. It doesn’t matter if your “new” RV is new or used, it is probably going to have some little things that need to be fixed. Setting out on your trip right away before making sure your systems are working is really risky.

After RVing for about 4 years total, we have gotten the chance to get used to all the systems in both of the RVs we’ve owned and were able to get it to the repair shop to get everything tuned up.

For the first year after you buy a new RV, you will have a 1 year warranty to get everything fixed. In the first year, you should camp more than any other time, and it is the best time to prepare you, your family, and your RV for the full-timing life.

This is just a little video I made talking about that. It is from our new series of Full-Timing videos as we get ready to take off for our new life. Hope it helps you in some way.
Greetings from Alaska!