When you’re getting ready to go out on the road permanently as an RV full-timer, it is good to really have a lot of time to think things through and plan everything as much as possible.

We have been planning this really intensely for about 7 months, and we still have so many things we haven’t even thought of.

This especially includes your pets.

Pets can run into hundreds of things out on the road that could hurt them or kill them. This video is about being prepared by planning ahead for one of those things.

Starring my chihuahua “Hope” or “Hopie”

Other things that are good to plan for your pets are things like shots they may need (they’ll be around a lot of other dogs in campgrounds). Tags for their collars. Getting them chipped. Their health certificate if you’re going to cross back into the U.S. after being in Canada. These are just some of the things.