Fall on Turnagain Arm, Alaska

My husband Dan and I have always been very independent. We always had our own vehicles and our own computer rooms and computers that we called ours.

We realized something today that I never thought about before. Full-timing in your RV and/or retirement from a career is a huge change for a couple. This is something I’ve talked to my counselor at the VA about because I am not sure exactly what to expect. It is starting to kind of sink in what it really means.

This weekend, we traded in two huge trucks for a small car that is going to be our “toad” (tow vehicle). See the previous post about dinghy towing. In the 12 years we’ve been married, we always had our own trucks or cars. We always used the expression of “My..this…or my that.”

I have noticed that when I see old married couples at RV parks how so in tune they seem to be. They are a quiet, comfortable pair of people who have merged their lives together and look in the same direction. You see them puttering around their campsite, taking care of little tasks. They just seem to know exactly what the other one is going to do.

This is HUGE step to take for a couple who has always been very independent and had their own careers. You suddenly (or gradually) put it all aside and merge as one person. How is this done? I have no earthly idea, but I am sure it is a process that develops as you go along.

If you’re considering full-timing, have you thought about how much time you’re really going to be spending together? What habits or idiosyncrasies are you willing to let go of in order to do that?

I’m still mulling this over a lot these days. I really look forward to finding out just how to do this. Though I’ve already been retired for 8 years because of an injury I got during my service in the military, I still have not completely retired with my spouse.

I am sure it is going to be interesting to find out what that will be like.

Happy Motoring!