This past weekend, we took another dry run in the RV. As I have mentioned before, we have been going out as much as possible to test the systems in our rig and make sure all is well before we set out on our permanent journey.
It has rained for 4 months straight this summer, and we’ve just about had it. So, this past weekend we took off for high in the mountains north towards the Matanuska Glacier. This area we went to is one of my favorite places in Alaska. The Glenn Highway has been designated one of America’s scenic byways, and it never disappoints.

The park is set right in the middle of a reserve that protects Dall Sheep, and it gives you a 360 degree view of them all over the mountaintops.

If you’re ever in Alaska, visit them as you come off the Alaska Highway between Glenallen and Sutton.

When you walk along the trails behind the RV park at Grandview, you get a beautiful view from the bluff of the glacier, Mount Wickersham, and an ancient volcano called Lion’s Head.
Here’s some of what we saw. Thought you would enjoy it.

Lion's Head - the ancient volcano with Matanuska Glacier in background

Mount Wickersham

Fireweed was breathtaking along the trail and bees were busy

Sign for the bluff trail surrounded by fireweed

RVs parked at sunset at Grandview RV Park

RVs parked at sunset at Grandview

Grandview Cafe

Sissie, our doxie and my bear-bait dog (just kidding)

Views of Dall Sheep are 360 degrees all around you

The best part about staying there this weekend? Sun! Sun! Sun! No rain. Clear, dry air. It was a relief I cannot even begin to describe. I just wanted to stretch out on the ground outside and soak up as much as I could. We’ve been Vitamin D deficient lately, like you wouldn’t believe.

Low Bush Cranberry along the trail to the bluff

Matanuska Glacier

Here’s a tip from some fulltime RVers who no longer shampoo their hair. They use something called “NooPoo” and it is very effective and inexpensive:

Here’s one of my all-time favorite videos…and one of my favorite actors on TV: