You might recall I said our mudflap was missing after our RV sat over the winter at the dealer. I called around, and it was $500.00 to replace that mudflap. You might have seen me talking about the signature “Sportscoach” mud flap. It was kind of a pain in the butt as a mudflup. If you went up a steep grade or something it would scrape pretty loudly in the back. It really was attached too low. Although it did look kinda cool.

I promised you back here:

that I would talk about the mudflaps as soon as I found a solution.

Here is a not so good pic of the mudflap we had

This past week, we found an $11.00 solution. Our Freightliner dealer sold us some Freightliner signature mudflaps and even red and black at that. Eleven bucks each. Problem solved. I like them much better. Our RV is a Freightliner beast of a chassis.

So, if you know where there is a Peterbilt or Freightliner or other truck service department, they could give you much better mudflaps for a lot less. And you don’t have to get signature ones, either. You could get ones that are plain.

Cool Freightliner mudflap in back of rear left dualies.

Both Freightliner mudflaps

The skies, meanwhile, were doing something beautiful tonight

And summer is leaving Alaska very very quickly...

And so are all the RVs with their little dinghy tow vehicles…dashing down the road towards the Alaska Highway – running ahead of the cold weather coming back to the Arctic.

Sorry bees – one of us had to win that battle. I was getting stung WAY too much.

(cranberry, grapefruit juice, 2 TBsp sugar, some sardines or other stinky fish like tuna. Just a big TBSP of fish.

In one of those traps they cannot get out of

What we call “the barn.” I’ve cut so much wood out there. What a great garage. 4 car. About 1,000 sq feet. I’ll miss it while we’re full-timing, but we’ll have another one someday.

What would you miss most if you were a full-timer? Leave your answer as a comment, if you like. Would like to see what other people would miss…

Now you know my weakness (working with wood)

What’s yours?

And finally, I was grateful today that I could walk. Everyday I can walk is a miracle of modern science. I am very grateful for that.

Thank you Universe, for another day walking