“You think that the goal is to be over there, and we say the goal is the journey over there; the goal is the fun you have along the way on your way to over there. —Abraham ”

I had just read that quote in an email newsletter I get. It hit me like a sledgehammer. We as human beings always want excitement and change and something to look forward to. We often forget to just hover in the now and marvel at it.

Knowing that something has to happen (our house must sell) before we take off on our journey, it is difficult to wait. I know there is something very sweet and yet anxious in the feelings you experience when you are at a major rope to grab so you can swing across the river. Did you ever experience swinging on a rope as a kid? There’s that sweet, sick feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you something good is coming. That’s the feeling I have right now.

It is not so simple to leave Alaska in an RV as you would think. Many truckers do it. We have a freightliner chassis. It should be a simple trip to take. We’ve managed the Alaska Highway in a Dodge Durango. The new government regulations for buying a house requires the paperwork take about 2 months now. So, if we got an offer on our house today or tomorrow, we’d be leaving Alaska at the end of September.

That is about the best time to leave, before the leaving gets a little scary. Now- as the time creeps away – we know that our travel plans may have to change a little.There’s ways to insulate the hot water heater and the water lines, and the batteries (to a certain extent but they need ventilation). Or there’s a place called Tote Ocean.  They will ship your RV to Tacoma, Washington for about $3,400 for one our size. The prices vary A LOT for different sized RVs.You can check yours out on the website.

Some RVers drive up here, tour around Alaska, then they fly back home while Tote Ocean Trailer ships their RV to Washington.

They fly there and pick up their rig. You can see their sailing schedules. Takes about 2 days to get your rig.


And then we have two more vehicles. So, we are going to figure out a way to ship only one vehicle. Make one a dinghy vehicle, ship one truck and pull the dinghy vehicle behind the RV.  There are also some special tire chains you can put on to avoid getting the fiberglass beaten up. And you pour a mix of water and RV antifreeze down the toilet when you want to flush.

It’s well-insulated. We tested that in Denali National Park when it dipped to 10 degrees one night in May.

If you’ve ever seen the Alaska Highway in January, you know what I am talking about. RV batteries freeze in – 50 degree temperatures. Lines freeze. So, if we have to wait for an offer on our house much longer, we can expect to get it winterized, then dewinterized on the “other side.” The deep freeze in Alaska and the Yukon/BC areas is about the middle to the end of October. I’ve seen it snow slightly on September 26th.

We’ve been talking to the Freightliner people about some things we can do in order to drive it out of here in the middle of Nov or Dec or Jan or Feb: Put a special kind of tire chain on the tires.

If you’re ever in need of Freightliner or truck work done, these guys are fantastic. If you’re ever in Anchorage and need work done – Trailercraft.


Driving into Anchorage on the New Seward Highway, take the Dowling exit as you’re going south. Make just a short turn (1/4 of way) around circle so that you’re going straight ahead. You’ll end up on the frontage road in front of the highway. You’ll see the Trailercraft Freightliner signs on the road just after you get onto the frontage road.

Ok, now back to the dreaming thing again:

When you’re waiting for something to happen, you recognize this sweet place you end up a lot. If you like to make your dreams really come true. It has worked for me many many times already. You imagine. In full detail. You see yourself in your mind’s eye. You’re going on that dream vacation or you’re getting other things you’ve dreamed of. And play it again and again in your head. It is like a movie you play again and again of your life as you would love it to be.

And these feelings start rushing into your life at strange times. You know the feeling. When you’ve been visualizing your life really strongly. These feelings have a sound to them. A kind of whooshing sound inside your head when you feel this really strong feeling of everything coming together perfectly as you have dreamed of them. This method has always worked for me. You dream it so vividly, your brain starts to think it is real. And it starts to happen. And you marvel at the way it unfolds.

I look forward to writing on this blog to say that this..that and the other happened and our house is sold, and we’re finally leaving Alaska.

It took us 8 months to dream Alaska into a reality, so it will probably take a few more to get all of this working perfectly. It is like watching gears perfectly fitting together as you watch it happen in front of your eyes.

Will report more soon.


Wish we were taking off in the one in the background