We had not used our RV enough to really understand all the systems, as I mentioned before, because of our Lemon Law hassles.

RVers know you learn something new just about every single day about this marvelous machine that protects you, keeps you warm, and takes you on magic carpet rides. We discovered something about our automatic icemaker that is not a well-known fact.

Here it is….wait for it….

Automatic icemakers don’t work unless you are hooked up to electric or somehow have your refrigerator on AC, NOT propane.

Huh. I never knew that. Our new RV service center is so patient with me. I value them so much.

Another thing I discovered that is a great CPAP solution for those of you who have to use one:

We tried several solutions, and this one is by far the best. I just happened to have to replace the TV in the bedroom with a lighter flat screen because it had become obselete in the digital changeover while the RV was out of service and because the TV that was in there made this horrible scraping noise when you opened the cabinet. Reason: the dummies who designed it put a pretty heavy television in there that was too heavy for the cabinet.

Anyway, while designing a new mount on the shelf for the digital, flat screen I was able to install a heavy-duty extension cord and bus bar in there. You see, your televisions and microwave are usually connected to your inverter so you can operate them on cabin batteries.

How convenient to be able to get to that outlet that the television was connected to. It also makes a great place to hook up your laptop or a reading lamp if you don’t like the ones in your RV.

We also plugged in some of those ultrasonic pests repellers to keep mice and bugs off our rig while it is parked on our land. The critters in our yard are amazingly active and numerous in the short, summer months here. I actually had mice follow us from our old house to our new one, on a bundle of lumber. This happened two years ago, just after I made this video:

Just thought these latest things learned would be of some help to you.

Have a fun day RVing!


This is the first video we made after we got delivery of our machine: